WANNA see who got which craft with the Hallowe'en Giveaways? Just do a hashtag search: #artistsareculturalheroes! 

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Take a GOOD LOOK at what the Secret Apprentices accomplished when they #tookmyart and #madeittheirown!!! 

Secret Apprentice 5

Secret Apprentice 3

Secret Apprentice 1

Secret Apprentice 2

Secret Apprentice 11

Secret Apprentice 6

Secret Apprentice 4

Secret Apprentice 10

Secret Apprentice 8

Secret Apprentice 9

Secret Apprentice 7

Collaboration Apprentice Contest

READ all about it!

Contest Themes and Dates

YES! 7 THEMES and ONE for EACH Day of the WEEK!

Apprentice Contest

KIDS choose from the themes... YOU comment on the THEME that will pop up during the week of July 20-July 24 and your artist will be entered into the contest!!! And YES, there are EPIC prizes! Follow the link to my IGTV account to see the winners announced!

Previous Camps & Workshops  

Clay | Soft pastels | Calligraphy  | Water Colour | Acrylic 

Clay Candle Holder Workshop
Parents and kids came to make their very own Christmas Candle Holders
Northern Lights
Watercolour and Acrylic Inks
Setting up the workshop
Julie T's work
Options to change original colours...
Sharon's Work
Option to play with warmer lights...
Prairie Thunder!
Watercolour Workshop
Paint colours
Only need three-four shades!
Prairie Thunder
Using coloured pencil to draw the barn... and liquid frisket to mask the lightning.
Drawing with coloured pencil completed
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