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Image by Ethan Sexton

Authentic Art Events 

Hello, meet your local artist who LOVES to creative events!

What have I done in the past? I have successfully coordinated, decorated, promoted and hosted multiple student art exhibits, community events for children, teens as well as four major artisan markets for the Okotoks Arts Council at many locations. 

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Student Art Exhibits 

Floor Mosaic Reveal.jpg

I have been hosting public and private Student Exhibits since 2013. My experience as an art teacher opened my eyes to the realization that all artists need to be recognized for their creative efforts  and given opportunities to publicly showcase their efforts and accomplishments. Even if it's only parents that see their work, it is still put on display and this gives them a chance to see it at a finished state where they can shine right along with it. If you'd like to do something like this, go ahead and chat me up here.


Community Events Promotions

Community Events with kids and teens are my favourite! I created this poster / ad for this super fun event I did with a local bakery and circus. Inside the event, I set up a chalkwalk challenge for kids to create a giant illusion. I'd love to match up my creativity with your vision. Having worked as a preschool teacher's a assistant, an OAC Events Committee volunteer & social media coordinator, and currently the Arts Initiative Coordinator for the OAC... I've designed kids activities, posters, events and other promotional materials. I love working with passionate peeps to run mini to major events with many other amazing people. You could be next:) Reach out here! 

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Chalkwalk SPLASH Events 

Famly Fun Zone_spectacleblue 2022_with SPLASH.jpg

These are a BUNCH of fun for everyone. Communities, kids, families and me because it can be so interactive. August 2021 saw me hosting a Chalkwalk Educational piece at the Okotoks Show & Shine through Spectacle Blue. I got to show a few techniques, involve kids and even car aficionados!  The best part is that everyone loves to give colour to grey sidewalk, plus it's affordable, washable and safe. Never mind so very versatile for outdoor events. Let me know what events you're thinking of and you can make contact here 

All Of My Super Fun Collab Events! 

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