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Authentic Chick Consignments

Consign Drawings & Paintings | Sculpture & Pottery &  Art Cards  

Make YOUR business walls inspire conversations with ORIGINAL ART and be rewarded twice!

Here's how it all works: 

1. Scroll through my five galleries 

2. Make a Wish List!
3. Request to Consign here 

4. Choose the duration of the show

5. Photos on my social media platforms! 

No need to worry about sales!    EASY AS  1 & 2 !!
1. Clients USE my Quick Pay Option: PayPal.Me/RobinThibodeau/   (dollar amt with no '$'.)  
     Alternative options are E-transfer OR Cash
2. Your Job is only to alert me of the purchase and the name of the client:)  Below is a random collection of my work, but you can also go HERE to see all of my work:) 

oscar wilde on art.jpg
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