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Authentic Marketing Chick!

Okay folks, I've graduated three times now.  I hold an Award of Excellence, a Visual Arts Diploma with Distinction and recently a two year Marketing program. I think I'm done, but who knows? Why did I do that? Because managing the arts in an economic world is no easy task without help or experience. I understand how daunting this side of the art industry can be! Now armed with what feels like a million ideas so I'm ever ready to help artists out with their unique selling point! Your brand. Sales don't have to be complex or uncomfortable. They can be the complete opposite! 

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Be the Unicorn in the
Field of Horses

Are you READY to stand out? 

Are you starting to create a public profile for your fabulous artwork ? Have you started and feel overwhelmed? I get it, but I'm here to help! No matter the medium you work in, your true self in business is all you need. Let's figure this out together. Head here to make


The graphic is from a local preschool teacher's new FB page. She wanted to keep in contact with parents and caregivers after retiring and now she has an IG account too! 


Marketing for Youth

Is your child or teen looking into selling their work? Marketing for kids can be really quite simple. Social Media hosts many free platforms! With markets not as common, these are great starting places. And it's never too early to learn how to be self sufficient! 

Drop me a line if you're interested in finding out more! 

We can set up a Zoom call, phone call, email or text to help get them started:) 

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Mrs. Sharon Thibodeau (actually my mom and a shameless plug;)
Preschool Curriculum, Connection and Consultation 
Click the pictures to check out her FB page or her Instagram for parents, day home providers, preschool teachers! She makes letter crafts, explains literacy, numeracy, the benefits of curriculum planning and more recently, delving deep into the power of pre-writing. Honestly, it's fascinating to learn about how fast we develop as preschoolers. We EVEN wrote TWO books together: "Laughs, Letters & Limericks" as well as "A Preschool Teacher's SURVIVAL GUIDE: 10 Easy Tips For You. If you're in Okotoks, pop over to Mainstreet Market & More Ltd. Click that link to visit their website:) 
Click below on the books you'd like to send Mrs. Thibodeau an email request!

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