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Image by Elia Pellegrini

Authentic Marketing Chick!

Marketing is everything! I hold an Award of Excellence, a Visual Arts Diploma with Distinction and Marketing College Diploma. WHY is marketing is not only based on economics, but also emotions, psychology and LOVE!  Managing the arts in an economic world is no easy task without the know - how I now have after 20+ years of being in the arts industry. Armed with what feels like a million ideas I'm ready to help artists find their way to success - authentically! READ on about the options I have for you below. If you have a different idea - please share! 

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Design a Book with Me

Working with  leading edge digital publishing software from Adobe CC, 2022 I will help you create your cover page, back page and anything in between! Graphics and text are my favourites when it comes to this fun form of fine art! 

This was my mom's wee book we put together in 2021 with her spectacular tips to survive preschool life as a teacher! Trust me, these are GOLDEN. I worked with her as her assistant for nearly 10 years.. and I refer to her tips regularly during my art classes! They even work for older kids up to age 17!!! No JOKES here! 

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Digital Composites of Fine Art 

Seen here is a composite blend of a local artists' two paintings. These were intended to be digitally printed onto a neck buff for active types who spend a lot of time in the outdoors. 

Janifer Calvez reached out to me to help her integrate the two works of art using my skills with digital software. We went to a local coffee shop and worked out a pleasing composition and I took it home to work on the finishing touches. And they turned out beautifully! 


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Marketing for Youth

 Marketing for kids can be really quite simple.

Social Media hosts many free platforms and there are some great opportunities for youth to even have their work set up in a few public places. As an art teacher and a long-time artist, it's never too early to learn how to be self sufficient with your own authenticity!

Drop me a line if you're interested in finding out more! 

We can set up a Zoom call, phone call, email or even meet in PERSON somewhere fun! 


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Colouring Pages! 

Do you have a business that NEEDS something creative and cost-effective to help promote your business or non-profit's mission and message? 

Yeah? Well great, I LOVE drawing! You and I can sit down over coffee and work out a fun design for either kids, teens or adults maybe three different ones to suit your needs! Here's how it works: 

  1. Choose what you want to market

  2. Choose your target audience

  3. See what's trendy for them and we'll get to work! 

Mrs. Sharon Thibodeau (actually my mom and a shameless plug;)
"Preschool Curriculum, Connection and Consultation"
Click the pictures to check out her FB page or her Instagram for parents, day home providers, preschool teachers! She makes letter crafts, explains literacy, numeracy, the benefits of curriculum planning and more recently, delving deep into the power of pre-writing. Honestly, it's fascinating to learn about how fast we develop as preschoolers. We EVEN wrote TWO books together: "Laughs, Letters & Limericks" as well as "A Preschool Teacher's SURVIVAL GUIDE: 10 Easy Tips For You. If you're in Okotoks, pop over to Mainstreet Market & More Ltd. Click that link to visit their website:) 
Click below on the books you'd like to send Mrs. Thibodeau an email request!

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A Preschool Teacher's Survival Handbook_10 Easy Tips for You.jpg
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