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Consign Drawings & Paintings | Sculpture & Pottery &  Art Cards  

Make YOUR business walls inspire conversations with ORIGINAL ART and be rewarded twice!

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Here's how it all works: 

1. Scroll through my five galleries to see what suits your business

2. Make a Wish List!


3. Request to Consign here 

4. Together we will set up a viewing in person at The Studio 


5. After pieces are chosen, choose the viewing timeline (monthly)

6. Photos will be taken and put on social media platforms! 

No need to worry about sales!    EASY AS  1 and 2 !


1. Clients USE my Quick Pay Option: PayPal.Me/RobinThibodeau/(dollar amt with no '$'.)  

     Alternative options are E-transfer OR Cash

2. Your Job is only to alert me of the purchase and the name of the client:)  Below is a random collection of my work, but you can also go HERE to see all of my work:) 

Artwork with C.A.R.E

Christi Tims | Ashley Gaboury | Robin Thibodeau | Elisa Friesen

Listed respectively, we are an artist collective working together within the communities of Blackie, High River and Okotoks. Discovering that we were promoting similar opportunities for the same audience, we teamed up to lessen the potential for industry overlap and to support one another in our quest to make a living using our gifts and talents. Take a look at the gallery below to see what kinds of opportunities each of us offer. 

Interested to ask us questions? Email us at

Open House poster
Our welcome poster!
Open House CRED sheet
Our Sweet Street CRED!
The Crowd
Guests came 10 minutes early!
The Crowd2
And kept coming in!
Christi Paintings
Creative opportunities by Christi Tims
Christi Kids painting
FREE painting for all ages
Christi all ages painting
Mixed ages painting
Ashley with guests
Ashley teaches markers, oils, figures, animal drawing and more. Her main demographic is teens and older
Ashley Demo Table
ladies and markers
Ashley's marker table. Guests were welcome to try out Copic markers while filling in copies of flowers
Robin laughing with markers
I stepped in when Ashley was busy as I also teach art markers
Bev's marker flower
A final flower by a guest
Robin's Registration Table
Guests were intrigued by the variety of opportunities
Penny's dancer
FREE pastels on velour paper
Ladies Pastels
Two friends had a great time playing with colour
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