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ABOUT Me, Robin Thibodeau :)

Watch this fun four-ish minute video to find out just what I do, why I continue to do it and how I started!  A VERY BIG thanks for her filming, editing and interviewing skills: Elisa Shigehiro! AND NOW she, with her team of three, is the WINNER of Best Picture of the Okotoks Film Festival's 48 Hour Film Challenge! WATCH HERE for "Yellow Crane" on YouTube! 


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I believe that art & creativity shapes our world 

I believe that art education should be recognized as essential subject within the curriculum so that all children are given equal opportunity to express themselves creatively each and everyday.  It has been proven that kids, teens and adults of all ages are happier people when they're given opportunities to express themselves in a nurturing atmosphere. Especially in today's lightning fast-paced world, young minds need a place to be creative, to be themselves while they express themselves at their own pace.  

I am continuously inspired by the great Leonardo da Vinci. He was born one year after the Age of Renaissance and because his parents were not married, was not permitted too attend proper education. Despite this lack, and societal rules, he chose to follow his heart and utilized his curious nature to discover the world on his own terms. 

 Creatively problem-solving is the way through everything

My goal is for  kids to enjoy the process of learning and I fully encourage  individual expression. When it comes time for them  leave the Studio , it is my hope that they are empowered by their accomplishments. As a child, perfection

 is often believed to be the goal, however it is the enjoyment-process of creative learning that is the way of traveling.  Adult brains assume the goal is only the outcome, but really it's only looking for fun! 

Kids and their creativity are our future.  So through my time with Serendipity Pre-Kindergarten, The Okotoks Community Programs and my Inspiration Studio I am grateful for the opportunities to teach children ages 6-108 and lucky to offer courses for creative adults ready and willing to jump in on the fun!