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Art & Christmas

Have you ever noticed how the season of Christmas brings out so many of your creative talents? Your neighbours' talents?

You suddenly notice things about people. The colours they like, the foods they enjoy, the fandoms they're into and most importantly the things they might even need this season!

So we get out our baking, our cookie shapes, our sprinkles and spices....

and then everything sparkles and the magic takes over!

We break into song, we watch holiday movies... back to back to back...

We choose gifts based on the recipients interests, styles, and personal tastes and needs...


We choose our favourite gift wrapping papers, bags, tags, ribbons and so much more....

And Christmas isn't the only official holiday time that your personal creativity shines!


So, the next time you find yourself saying that you're just not creative... think again!

CREATIVITY is a naturally-occurring resource that every single being on Earth has in abundance!

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