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Authentic Chick's ART Gallery
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Commissions: Portraits & Murals
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My original work consists of a wide variety of mediums, subject matters and musings so I had to separate them by medium and by theme. If you're interested in purchasing a piece, or maybe commissioning a portrait or mural just pop me a note here or you can "Chat with Miss Robin" too! I'd love to hear from you or see your note pop up on my phone:) 


My Marketing Coordinator training has taken me very far. I am thankful for the course through The Academy of Learning Career College, So far, I have assisted artist friends with a few simple  marketing tips, organized a spectacular art event for my Phoenix Art Club through the Alberta Summer Games. Just months after graduation, The Okotoks Arts Council hired me as their Arts Initiative Coordinator. This position allows me to do what I do best! I research, reach out and promote local, exclusively arts-based organizations and businesses of the foothills region in order to create newsletters. You can subscribe to receive it right here. 

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Buyers! Watch for this Authenticity Stamp on any Original Art, purchased directly from me or commissioned or consigned.  Full sized reproductions only come in the form of  greeting cards or maybe some fun t-shirts. So you can rest assured you will own an original work of art AND you will know that you have a small piece of me within your grasp:)  

Authentic Chick Window Marketing & Murals

Celtic Astrology Series: Find your animal, tree and title!

Portraiture & Figure Drawings: Celebrities, Family and Artists
Natural World Artwork: Wildlife, Prehistoric Animals and Horses 
Myths and Legends: Mythical Creatures, Asian culture-inspired work
Sculpture & Hand-built Pottery: Mythical beasts and more 
Still Life Work: Girl Stuff, food platters, coffee and dragons...

Robinspirations: upcycles and experiments

Drawing a French Boulonnais Horse

Drawing a French Boulonnais Horse

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