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icon to watch my interview with Zach Adams, Community Event Specialist, where I was honoured as 'exemplifying creativity in Okotoks,Alberta!

Typically, inside the Inspiration Studio...

Okotoks is my headquarters for my fine art lessons and camps as my vehicles, I have chosen the path as an arts advocate for those interested in discovering and mastering their in-born artist, with the end goal of living in their most authentically 

awesome, epic and masterful  selves.  We have a motto here and it reads as so: 

"We Are Artists, Not Mere Mortals"

And our Studio Crest translates to:  "Artists Are Cultural Heroes"


Making art through an insatiable need for new knowledge and the continuous quest for improvment

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Through demonstration, testing knowledge through personal experience, rather than taking others' experiences for granted

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Learning through the five senses or sensations of them in the quest for refinement and to sharpen observation in response

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The balance between science and art through 'whole-brain' thinking

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         Artist League and Art Club students work as creatives using all forms of inspiration to make our masterpieces. During these necessary social distancing times, the Awesome League . Epic League  and all three Art Club students have enjoyed Zoom Video classes when required.  Since the nature of art making is a deeply personal experience, there is a tendency to isolate ourselves from the public at large. And since art is meant to be shared with the world around us... I make it my duty to ensure all members whether belonging to either of the Artist Leagues, Art Clubs or Fine Art Camp, students are invited to participate in opportunities for them and their art to be showcased in the public eye. Art Camps in the summer get to set up a mini show on their last day too! 

The League of Artists Annual Student Exhibit is slated for June 20th as a Private Show for the members of ISAFA to meet each other, bring their family and showcase their hard work at an outdoor show at a local venue. This year, I'm happy to announce that The Park in Okotoks developed their 700 sq. ft yard and we get to try it out! 

Side note: If you're interested in seeing what last year's students created, you can see their VIRTUAL Exhibit is just after this description below. As well as their VIRTUAL Christmas Show.  

Positively thinking... Fall | Winter-Spring / Full School Year for 2021-2022 are now available!!!  I'm hoping we can continue our tradition of field trips to local places and creative businesses as well as our Annual Christmas Party held in December. Fingers and toes crossed! Plans are underway as you read this. Family Week and Easter Camps are meant as a taste of an experience in The Studio during the coronavirus lock-down, I provided many fun Take-Away Art Projects for pick up right off my doorstep! If there is a call for this service this coming school year, then I will re-instate them. 

When your child, tween or teen joins any of the camps, clubs or leagues, they and YOU become a member of The Inspiration Studio Academy of Fine Art and through my monthly newsletter, you get  informed about and invited to join a lot of fascinating opportunities!