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Castle of the Arts CAMP EXHIBIT 2021
Take a scroll through the gallery below for a sneak peek into the creation of the Castle of the Arts: Constructed by me, Miss Robin and decorated by KIDS! I  hope to have  the construction photos of the Castle itself ready for you soon:) AND ... I've got some other cool plans for you to see art students' art too this spring;)

Castle of the Arts Camps
Kids Got to Paint the Castle!
Making crests and masks
E.Ayas tapestry in progress
A.Harris  flag in progress
D.Harris portrait
D.Harris tie dye
D.Harris necklace
E.Day Portrait
E.Day stained glass windows
E.Day Tie Dye Tunic
E.Day beaded jewerly
E.Day - Medieval Village
A. Jennings  portrait
A.Jennings Tie Dye Tunic
A.Harris portrait
A. Harris horse painitng
A.Harris tie dye
A.Harris tapestry in progress
3D filament spool --Chandelier
E.Ayas portrait
tunic belt 1
tunic belt 2
tunic belt 3
tunic belt 4
Kids Castle Clay pets
A. Harris - Baby dragon
Clothespin Knight
KIDS Food stop
KIDS Art Show_with guests
E.Short - keyboard membrane curtain
A. Jordan - Photo Op Design
T. Ayas - tie-dye tunic
T.Ayas - calligraphy monogram
T. Ayas - Knight Shield
A.Ayas - tie dye tunic
A. Ayas -Medieval City
A.Ayas - Mythical Creature: Zburator
A. Ayas - Knight Shield
O.Ayas - Tie Die Tunic
O. Ayas - Knight Shield
O.Ayas Mythical Creature:Kilin
O.Ayas Japanese Temple
E. Short - tie dye tunic
E.Short - Mythical Creature:Unknown
E.Short - Knight Shield
E.Short - Two-Tiered Medieval Castle
A.Reimers Mythical Creature: Faery
A. Reimers Greek Temple and Concrete pottery

Okay, so I've wanted to create some artwork for this super cool festival for two years now... and finally I CAN! But it's rather ambitious and so I'm going to need help. What am I doing? 

A CASTLE of the Arts! 

Four towers will represent individually, INNOVATION, FUNCTIONALITY, LITERARY and EXPRESSION. I plan to make in interactive for both adults and children and everyone in between! Cardboard, styro-foam, reclaimed wallpaper, carpet tube rolls, spools, deck railings, cat toys, brushes, pencils, feathers, costumes, and painting and probably a LOT of TAPE!! Construction has begun and the Castle is taking shape quickly.  It will be serve as an outdoor mini venue for kids and big kids to learn more about how the Arts have shaped our civilizations.


It was on display from July 17 - August 28th in downtown Okotoks! 

It DID move three times! 

It WAS enjoyed... and it received a Wishing Well upgrade

It was under siege near the end...and it WAS rescued! 

Now WATCH for the UNFOLDING of how the Castle of the Arts CAME to be through a multitude of... 

Still shots - Videos - Kids & Teens Helping - Kids & Teens Decorating...and it even found a fourth, temporary home in September! 

94 take the cake.png
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WANNA see who got which craft with the Hallowe'en Giveaways? Just do a hashtag search: #artistsareculturalheroes! 

Halloween epic giveaway.jpg

Take a GOOD LOOK at what the Secret Apprentices accomplished when they #tookmyart and #madeittheirown!!! 

Secret Apprentice 5
Secret Apprentice 3
Secret Apprentice 1
Secret Apprentice 2
Secret Apprentice 11
Secret Apprentice 6
Secret Apprentice 4
Secret Apprentice 10
Secret Apprentice 8
Secret Apprentice 9
Secret Apprentice 7
Collaboration Apprentice Contest

READ all about it!

Contest Themes and Dates

YES! 7 THEMES and ONE for EACH Day of the WEEK!

Apprentice Contest

KIDS choose from the themes... YOU comment on the THEME that will pop up during the week of July 20-July 24 and your artist will be entered into the contest!!! And YES, there are EPIC prizes! Follow the link to my IGTV account to see the winners announced!

Clay Candle Holder Workshop
Clay Candle Holder Workshop

Parents and kids came to make their very own Christmas Candle Holders

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Northern Lights
Northern Lights

Watercolour and Acrylic Inks

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Setting up the workshop

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Julie T's work
Julie T's work

Options to change original colours...

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Sharon's Work
Sharon's Work

Option to play with warmer lights...

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Prairie Thunder!
Prairie Thunder!

Watercolour Workshop

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Paint colours
Paint colours

Only need three-four shades!

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Prairie Thunder
Prairie Thunder

Using coloured pencil to draw the barn... and liquid frisket to mask the lightning.

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Drawing with coloured pencil completed

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