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Image by David Becker

Authentic Chick Window & Wall Marketing 

I've seriously LOVED art and marketing for as long as I can remember, so now I create murals to market fundraisers, support charities, promote local businesses and lift community spirits - YOU NAME IT!  WINDOWS and WALLS are the biggest assets to your business! Passersby can peek inside 24/7 and YOU get to dress up your displays with themes, promotions and so much more. My Window Marketing involves bright, lightfast, non-toxic markers with a chalk-base that is very easy to clean off when needed. My WALL Marketing involves the lightfast and vibrancy with zero VOC acrylic latex paint. I work efficiently  with my music completing most single window murals within a few days and wall murals will depend greatly on the dimensions and level of detail! 

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Promotional Windows! 

I love painting on windows. It's a fascinating experience and so much fun. You will get to be a part of the design - just like the manager of the Okotoks Cinemas, Mainstreet Market & More Ltd, Lady & The Tramps Grooming, Loop Kids, Yooneek Books, Sandstone Lodge and the former owners of Mamie's Treats. The Town of Okotoks staff love to give me a basic theme to start with and then I get to work on the design. 



Helping Hands is a local group of people who just take note of what 'those in need' actually NEED and then start collecting donations! Mainstreet Market & More Ltd. chose to be a donation location and I was asked to pop in and paint their window! The donations POURED IN and so many people received what they needed. Being charitable feels good. 

Are you in need to promote a fundraiser or are you seeking a quick way to collect donations? Give me a shoutThese can be made interactive as you like! 

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sandstone lodge_reception 2.jpg


Feel Good Murals

Over Christmas a local realtor banded together with other businesses to have a mural painted to bring them some classic cheer. These seniors were in lockdown like many and due to their weaker immune systems, I had to work FAST to maintain my distance  Creating this six-paned window for them was a lot of fun and they were so grateful, they gave me coconut pie!  

Contact me today if this is something you'd like! I can customize any design to your hearts content! 


Community Spirit Murals

 These are FANTASTIC for municipalities, community leaders and the like to bring people together in times of struggle or rejoice!  These murals have become a strong tradition in my home town of Okotoks and I make sure to involve my art students as part of my creative team.  We have done two of these in 2019, 2020 and two in 2021. Here is the Okotoks Stampede Mythical Midway Mural for 2022! 

If you're seeking to lift up your community spirit, drop me a line:)  



Stuff the bus_side view.jpg

Charity Support Murals

Are you an independent business owner that LOVES to help out charitable initiatives? In my town, Mainstreet Market & More Ltd. does just that! 

Stuff the Bus was one where people could donate just about anything to do with back-to-school needs! 

I was brought in to paint a school bus on window encouraging the community to bring what they could to help struggling families in the fall of 2020. 

These are great fun and I feel like a major contributor to the cause too! These single-pane windows run between $175 and $215. 

Give me some details on who you'd like to help support! I can recreate ANY logo and ANY font with my wonderful materials and skills! 


Commercial  Wall Murals

Sheep River Forest Mural - 2022 OPL_edited_edited.jpg

Right above here is a truly massive undertaking that I completed between March 12 and May 7th for the Okotoks Public Library's Aecon Early Learning Centre. The Library staff reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in completing a forest scene with local wildlife. I was so excited to get started on it - so over Christmas break, the first sketches began. Realizing the scale and the likeliness of edits from other parties, I also created it in a digital format. The sponsoring company Aecon had some say in the design of their logo, as well the design of the sign beside the bridge. The library got to choose the bridge design. I got to do the rest and about two thirds of the way through during Easter break, I invited many of my alumni arts students to take on the challenge of painting a few animals and other elements with me. After 30 visits to the wall, I was finished with 120 hours invested. I am so humbled because now it can be enjoyed by young children, tweens, teens and parents for decades to come. Quite the experience this was - since I'd not painted a permanent mural of this proportion since I was only 19 years old back in 1996. Unbelievable. But I'm looking forward to the next one- whichever it may be! 

If this is something that your business is seeking, please do not hesitate to reach out here:) 

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