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Authentic Chick Window Marketing 

I've seriously LOVED marketing for as long as I can remember... I just didn't realize what I was doing was marketing... But now I create murals to market fundraisers, support charities, promote local businesses, lift community spirits - YOU NAME IT!  WINDOWS are the biggest assets to your business! Passersby can peek inside 24/7 and YOU get to dress up your displays with themes, promotions and so much more. My Window Marketing involves bright, lightfast, non-toxic markers with a chalk-base that is very easy to clean off when needed. When I come into your venue, I work fast and efficiently and so far, I've completed each mural in as little as a a few hours, one full day. 

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Promotional Windows! 

This groomer moved her business to my home town and had to rebuild her clientele. She was seeking a mural to make her shop stand out, so I worked closely with her using her branding colours in the design of her mural and painted her favourite dog breeds on the window! The front door received signage along with social media logos too.

This one is valued at $275.00 GREAT FOR NEW BUSINESSES!!  Let's chat



Our local cinema was really struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic. They were able to sell popcorn, candy, hotdogs and drinks, but it was not helping them enough. They needed to replace their seats too. So, I reached out and offered my services to get the word out! and I accepted payment in the form of free popcorn for 15 weeks! YUM;) Value for these full coverage, double window mural is valued at $375.00

Are you in need to promote a fundraiser in a unique and customized way? Give me a shout

These can be made interactive as you like! 

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Feel Good Murals

Over Christmas a local realtor banded together with other businesses to have a mural painted to bring them some classic cheer. These seniors were in lockdown like many and due to their weaker immune systems, I had to work FAST to maintain my distance  Creating this six-paned window for them was a lot of fun and they were so grateful, they gave me coconut pie!  

Contact me today if this is something you'd like! I can customize any design to your hearts content! 


Community Spirit Murals

 These are FANTASTIC for municipalities, community leaders and the like to bring people together in times of struggle or rejoice!  These murals have become a strong tradition in my home town of Okotoks and I make sure to involve my art students as part of my creative team.  We have done two of these in 2019, 2020 and two in 2021. Here is my photo from our local radio station's FB page from the summer. 

If you're seeking to lift up your community spirit, drop me a line:)  



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Charity Support Murals

Are you an independent business owner that LOVES to help out charitable initiatives? In my town, Mainstreet Market & More Ltd. does just that! 

Stuff the Bus was one where people could donate just about anything to do with back-to-school needs! 

I was brought in to paint a school bus on window encouraging the community to bring what they could to help struggling families in the fall of 2020. 

These are great fun and I feel like a major contributor to the cause too! These single-pane windows run between $175 and $215. 

Give me some details on who you'd like to help support! I can recreate ANY logo and ANY font with my wonderful materials and skills!