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Art is for Everyone

It's true. And I can prove it.... How many kids do you know that don't love getting into messy 'artistic' situations...

And my "Art is..." Blogs... shall continue until of course I run out of adjectives!


How do I know that Art is for Everyone?

It is simple. EVERYONE is affected by art. EVERYONE expects to have art at their fingertips. EVERYONE even takes art for granted. Sometimes even artists do!

Really? REALLY.

Take a look at your mobile device. Who designed it? Apple, Blackberry, Samsung. WRONG.

An artist or a 'creative team' designed it. What about those cool logos?

Smartphones were designed by artists...

Picture your vehicle. Who designed it? Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Honda....? WRONG. An artist or a 'concept car department' designed it. NOW, Think about civilization. Where did it originate? From Egyptian pictographs and Sumerian carvings. How did they transport water and food? Pottery. How did they ensure who was in charge? Jewellery and adornment. Who kept their beliefs in check? Story tellers and writers.

See the artists' hands drawing?

See where I'm going with this? So many people just use these 'things' as items available for their needs. I work in a variety of art fields, but I gain much reward through teaching. So sure, of course teachers, engineers, scientists, factories and thousands of other supportive industries need come together to have these convenient 'things' manufactured and ready for utilization, but the reality REMAINS that without ART, Earth would simply be EH.

See? Even ASTRONAUTS need ART!

Got it now?

Thank you for your time. I hope you were entertained enough to share!

Watch for my Blog post next Tuesday!

Your Artist League Captain, Robin Thibodeau

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