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Art is Communication

Communicating through art has been the way of the 'homo sapien' since we started gathering in groups. Picture a cave dwelling humanoid who just discovered fire. How does she communicate this to her fellows? By acting.

And then story telling through drawings...

What if our ancestors did not bother communicating at all?

Then quite simply we would not be where we are today.

Archaeologists have uncovered many ancient sites of long past civilizations that thrived. But only those with strong emphasis on visual art, pottery, adornment and historical recordings were the longest lasting societies.

I could list so many right now... Assyrian Might, Babylonian Bible stories, Greek Architecture, Viking Longships, Egyptian Tombs, Aztec Calendars, Mayan Innovation... moving into the dark ages of Persian carpets, Mongolian warriors, Roman Plays, the British Empire, the Celtics Bagpipes...

After watching this video, no one could say that the Vikings were not artists...

...or Persian rugs were not stitched by a magical seamstress...

....or the sound of bagpipes were not played by a musician...

Remember my last blog?

Without art, earth would be eh.

without communication, imagine our world right now. Kinda scary huh? Stay tuned for more reasons to love ART! Your Artist League Captain, Robin Thibodeau

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