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How I Survived My School Years

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

I believe it is true that while we 'grow up' we start to lose our connection to our inborn creativity. For some of us, it was the only strength we thought we had. That was my story. I was good at spelling but not a lot more while I was in school. I struggled with math, science and understanding the usefulness of social studies. As I 'grew up' I was put into lower level programs, but my creativity just grew and grew. By age 15 I was drawing fine portraits, painting large scale murals, designing brochures and window murals. I got into art college right after high school and that college was where I really shone and I loved every minute of my four years there. All of my strengths were now visible and I got to see them for the first time! #okotoksartschool#missrobinlovestoteach#artisnecessary#creativityispower#kidsneedexpression#keepcreating#inborncreativity#wearallartists#artistsareculturalheroes

What Was Your Childhood Like through school?

Did you excel in academics? Did you excel in sports? Maybe you were like me, excelling in art and spelling but not much else? I've met many people who were actually scarred from their creative endeavors. Unkind or unfair teachers who expected too much and taught too less. Or they were put into a group to create a group project and were singled out for some reason or another. I remember myself as each unit in school came up, my main focus was always and very likely designing my cover pages! On my report cards, I often got a message from teachers that read like this:

"Robin spends a considerable amount of time working on her cover pages which are exemplary in their execution and shows true talent and dedication in her work. I would like to see more of this side of Robin applied to her studies..."

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