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Kids Help Me Teach

So many kids are truly amazed when I teach them how to draw, paint, sculpt and design. Especially things they do not initially believe they can draw. Yes, I can draw very fast, and my little unique tricks are very effective for any skill level. 

But the only reason I have those tricks are due to the 19 years of questions from the kids I have taught and teach. For me, the hardest part of teaching is explaining HOW I "did that" !? I have to dig very, very deep into how I saw that shape, how I connected that shape to the wavy line and how that wavy line, led logically to the next step. 

Hyper Hybrids -Art Class at the Okotoks Art Gallery -Pen & Ink with Copic Markers 

Summer Sampler Sci-Fi Watercolour Art Class 

Summer Sampler -Acrylic Heroes & Villains

Summer Sampler Favourite Pets Charcoal Drawing Class

Visual Story Telling -Copic & Prismacolor Markers

Calligraphy -India Ink 

Teen Art Camp - Pet Portraits on Pastels  on suede mat

3D Illusion Double-Day Art Camp -graphite

Summer Sampler Art Camp - Mythical Animals pastels on paper

I've learned to access their level of understanding and ask them questions about what they do understand: shapes, letters, lines, textures and patterns. If someone can 'see' a basic shape in what they are learning to draw, then they can begin to tap into their 'critical eye'. Their inborn artist's eye. 

I also choose my class themes based on what I know they can connect to, and tell some relatable stories to solidify their connection to their drawing lesson. That's about it!   

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