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Kids Need Expression

Within a few minutes of meeting students, I can already tell whether they have an intrinsically creative mind. And then as the class continues, I start to see what we adults miss. 

Play is good for their soul, their physical wellness and their mind. We tend to discount 'play' as only for kids. We don't take time to play, we work, eat, drink, chat and take care of obligations because we have to. I'm guilty of this too! 

But then in 2007, I opened my Inspiration Studio Academy of Fine Art, it became a wonderful haven for art students ages 4 up to 86!!! 

When kids are faced with an obligation in art class like washing brushes, clearing palettes and tidying their workspace, I make it fun because they are more inclined to do it and enjoy it and then want to show others to empower each other. 

We adults forget that fun and creativity go hand in hand and then we put 'fun' and 'creativity' into a box reserved for kids while we 'go to work'. 

When I'm teaching kids a technique, or introducing a a new material to them, they usually ask to see mine first. I don't always make samples because I don't want them to think they have to 'copy' mine. I want to see what they can come up with without a any pre-conceived notions. 

However, when I do make project samples.I'm actually 'playing' and having fun while being creative. And I'm such a happier person during that time and the glow continues as I see what I've created. So I'm sure you can see why I love to to teach art to your kids. 

They ARE unhindered, free-thinkers with so much potential just itching to be released! And we can all have that feeling! We just have to remember to play:)

I hope to meet your kids in class soon! 

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