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The Science of Art

In my art lessons, I love to teach kids how to use different materials or 'mediums'. 

In drawing lessons at the Okotoks Art Gallery, I offer lessons using pencils, charcoal, soft chalk pastels, oil pastels, waterbased markers, fine tipped markers and a few watercolour techniques.

Hyper Hybrids -Art Show

Hyper Hybrids

Hyper Hybrids

Fun on the Farm

Fun on the Farm -Piglets

Fun on the Farm -Barn Cats

Hyper Hybrids

And of course, each medium offers different techniques and effects. But most kids don't know how they can be used together effectively! So that's where science takes the lead. And the kids really love that!!! Those classes are fun because they build an atmosphere of blended learning with kids who usually go home and try out the tricks at home:)   

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