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Why Student Art Shows?

Creative kids need to create. They need to find their authentic way to express themselves. They also need to be recognized for their accomplishments in a group of their peers.

When I was young, everyone loved to see what I could do. I struggled with subjects like math and later, in higher levels of science. But on bad days, I would just sit down and draw whatever I wanted. I felt like a super star, instead of a failure. 

As I entered junior high, those same people still loved to see what I could do, but now, they've decided I should draw things for them. And I loved to help them out, it was so fun sharing my artwork with them because it made them happy! So I kept at it... and then I was starting high school, and by this time, I had attached value to my creations, but the world around me did not understand that. I knew nothing about pricing or valuing art, because I never had that opportunity to learn about it and I had been giving my art away. Few people were willing to pay for my work. And it was devastating, because I thought they valued it. 

Children with strong artistic abilities love to create and share their work, especially with those who appreciate their work. Art shows give them a chance to shine and feel good about their accomplishments with like-minded friends! We all need to find out tribe!    

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