Student Art Galleries & Youth Murals

... and in 2018, 2019, 2020 see our Youth Murals at the Okotoks Rec Center and The Okotoks Municipal Center! STAY TUNED in JUNE 2021: WE have MORE TO COME!

The TWEENS Art Club Virtual Christmas Show
The AWESOME League Virtual Christmas Show
The KIDS Art Club Virtual Christmas Show
The EPIC League Virtual Christmas Show
A Very Covid Christmas Mural 2020
Okotoks Stronger Together
2020 Okotoks Stronger Together Youth Mural
2019 League of Artists Virtual Student Exhibit
Geeky 12 Days Outdoor View
Geeky 12 Days Indoor View
2018 Youth Mural Reveal
Alexa's Cartouche
Gianna's Cartouche
Alexa's Year of the Dog
Gianna's Year of the Rat
Gianna's Calligraphy Spells
Alexa's (left handed) Calligraphy
Field Trip Backpack
History-Myth Art Camp FieldTrip
Alexa's Hidden Mythical Creature
Gianna's Hidden Mythical Creature
Technology Art Camp Exhibit
Rylie's Name Illusion
Lauren Name Illusion
George's Name Illusion
Gianna's Name Illusion
Alexa's Name Illusion
Lauren's Infinity Stone
Rylie's Infinity Stone
Gianna's Infiniity Stone
George's Infinity Stone
Alexa's Infinity Stone
Doc Brown Portrait
Han Solo Portrait
Princess Leia Portrait
Capt.America Portrait
Star Lord Portrait
USS Starship Enterprise
The Delorean
The BatWing
Millenium Falcon
Justice League's Javelin
Rylie's Comic
Lauren's Comic
Gianna's Comic
George's Comic
Alexa's Comic
Car packed for Fieldtrip
Field Trip Backpack
Alexa's New Okotoks
George's New Okotoks
Gianna's New Okotoks
Lauren's New Okotoks
Rylie's New Okotoks
Op Center Field Trip2
Op Center Field trip1
Painting outside Tech July Art Camp (2)
Painting outside Tech July Art Camp (1)
Table of July Tech Art Camp
July Tech Art Camp
Wire Sculpture Trophy-Jack age 9
Wire Sculpture & Printmaking
Wire Sculpture Trophy-Sarah age 12
Wire Sculpture & Printmaking
Abstract Landscapes-Sarah
Experimenting! - Caeden
Abstract Landscapes-Caeden
Swooping Evil-Christian age 12
Racing Drake -Jack ages 9
Xenobeast -Caeden Age 11
Mermaid-Sarah age 12
Abstract Landscapes-Christian
Suntree Park Field Trip
Working on the details...
Finalizing the illusion...
Hidden Mythical Creature-Christian
Hidden Mythical Creature-Jack
Where to hide the Drake?
Hidden Mythical Creature-Sarah
Symbol & Glue Names
Symbol & Glue Names
Symbol & Glue Names
Symbols & Glue Names
Dr. Strange Mandala-Sarah
Dr. Strange Mandala-Christian
Dr. Strange Mandala -Jack
Dr. Strange Mandala - Caeden
TEENS  Cyber-Myth Flyer3 DAYS
TEEN Sculptures
July TEENS Celtic Calligraphy
First Nations Goddess: Nematona
British Nature Goddess Cordelia
Greek Goddess Athena
Alyssas' SpaceScape
Emily's Acrylic Space Scape
Sarah's Acrylic SpaceScape
Emily's Rough quartzite pendant
Sarah's Rose Quartz Pendant
Alyssa's Quartzite Stone
FOOD Art Fish!
FOOD Art Stacking Towers
FOOD Art Rainbow!
FOOD Art Cheese Mandala

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